The Great Towns of America
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Views from the Road

tree tunnel near Gualala, CA

Views from the Road celebrates America's remarkably diverse outback. Featured are pictures that are nostalgic, surprising, or just plain funny. All were gleaned from the Vokac's archives and recent images of great towns and byways beyond cities throughout the United States.

Here are some views from the road from recent travels. Come back soon. More pictures will be added continuously.


Great Adventures:

Giraffe being fed by hand

At Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona, the jeep ride where you get to hand-feed herds of giraffes is unforgettable.

You will be thrilled when you finally spot a manatee swimming in the St. Johns River tributary at Blue Spring State Park near Orange City, Florida.

lobster boating Branson fountain

Off the coast of Rockland, Maine, you can tag along with a lobsterman and learn about the lobster catching business up-close. Later, you will be in the mood for a delicious lobster sandwich on board to complete your educational adventure.

The centerpiece of a half billion dollar makeover of the waterfront area of downtown Branson, Missouri is a world-class first-of-its-kind fountain. The creator of Bellagio’s delightful lagoon fountain in Las Vegas has taken water-jet fountain art to new heights, adding plumes of fire to the mix.


Roadside Humor:

Big Bird Something in the way she moooooves...

Off Interstate 10 near Las Cruces, New Mexico this "Big Bird" is actually constructed from recycled road trash.

California Wine Country is truly the home of contented cows as this roadside sign in a pasture near Sonoma, California, attests.

Dessert Winners: This dessert comes with its own doggie bag

This "doggy bag," a ten-inch-tall white-chocolate bag filled with smooth medium-chocolate mousse with a hint of peppermint schnapps, packed with two white vanilla dog bones surrounded by rich dark chocolate sauce, was as delicious as it was artistic, featured at Gracie's in Stowe, Vermont.