Lithia Park

Lithia Park Lithia Park

Lithia Park

downtown on Pioneer Street
Ashland, Oregon

One of the nation’s grandest achievements among town parks borders the theater complex and extends for nearly a mile along Ashland Creek. The National Historic Landmark includes an enchanting forest sheltering formal rose and rhododendron gardens, waterfalls and a landscaped pond with resident swans, meandering pathways, a band shell, tennis courts, imaginative play equipment, emerald-green lawns, playing fields, and secluded picnic sites by Ashland Creek, which tumbles through the entire park flanked by hiking trails. At the far end is a parking area for hikers interested in continuing up the canyon to the upper reaches for an easy ascent of Mt. Ashland, or to reach the Pacific Crest Trail from which they can hike all the way to Mexico one way or Canada the other.


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