Natural Bridge Caverns Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns

26495 Natural Bridge Cavern Road
New Braunfels, Texas

The state’s largest cavern extends for more than a mile. Exquisite and awesome formations in narrow corridors and gigantic chambers are further enhanced with quiet, crystal-clear pools. The cave temperature is 70˚ year-round, ideal for your choice of three tours, lending new dimension to the expression “deep in the heart of Texas.” “Discovery” is the original classic tour with a wealth of outstanding cave formations and large skillfully lighted rooms. The “Illumination” tour takes you down 184 steps into a cavern as much as a hundred feet high and half a football field in length. Since the second on-site cave was only discovered by core drilling into chambers never before exposed to light or outside air (in the 1980s), all formations are among the world’s most pristine and showcase remarkable features like an abundance of soda straw stalactites up to nine feet long and less than a half-inch thick, plus spectacular draperies, rare calcite crystal formations, and more. At the bottom of this cavern, guests experience total darkness before the guide illuminates one dazzling section at a time. The “Adventure” tour is a spelunker’s delight. You’ll get down and grubby as you go through narrow passages. But, the reward is an extension of the splendid recently-discovered caverns with pristine features including extraordinary highlights like soda straws up to fourteen feet in length, and perfectly preserved columns more than fifty feet high.

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